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Tubi 60 was invented and developed in 2012 by two brothers, Hilal and Yanai Tubi in Haifa, Israel.

They started out in their parent’s apartment and after a two year development process, began introducing Tubi 60 to people in bars, clubs, and dance events.


The idea triggering the development of Tubi 60 emerged from an aspiration to create a spirit that was superior to the rest in quality of ingredients, taste, effect, and versatility.

The brother’s realization that much of what stocks spirit shelves today is produced to engineer profit – not quality – made it clear it was time for a change. This change came in the form of a long process of research and development, involving collaborations with scientists, botanists and food specialists.  Together with these experts, the brothers formulated the recipe and process for Tubi 60, staying true to their aim of creating a spirit with a smooth yet complex taste and a superior positive feel.


In 2013 the brothers moved into their first distillery in Haifa and completed all of the approvals and licenses required by the Health Standards Board of Israel.

As Tubi 60 spread across Israel by word of mouth, the demand outpaced their ability to produce enough from their small distillery and so in 2015 the brothers moved the to a new, state of the art distillery in Haifa where Tubi 60 is produced today.

Tubi 60 has grown extremely quickly, largely by word of mouth advertising and the loyalty of our fans. By the end of 2016, Tubi 60 had laid the framework to export to the USA, Hungary, and Norway. There is also a growing demand for Tubi 60 in Berlin and other cities in Germany and should reach the German market sometime in 2017.