We are super proud to announce that Tubi 60 is approved for importing into Germany. We know there is a large number of Tubi fans awaiting the moment to be able to order a glass of Tubi in Germany, particularly in Berlin. Well, it is going to happen pretty soon. The first shipment is due to be sent to Berlin by the end of October 2017. We expect Tubi to be available in stores and before Christmas.

We are so excited for this long awaited big step. Tubi fans in Germany, we are coming!!

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BIG news drop! Tubi 60 is going to be a ‘festival sponsor’ of the AMVFest on September 12-16 (https://www.amvfest.com/schedule/)

We’ll be doing 2 events at the festival:
Event 1 – Tubi 60 will be the featured cocktail at an intimate live music night held in a mansion. We’ll be partnering with So Far Sounds which produces intimate shows and concerts around the world. Also, We’ll be doing a ‘ticket’ give away on Instagram for Tubi fans in Austin to win 2 tickets!!!

Event 2 – Tubi will be at the bar of the festival awards show night and each table for the award dinner will have a Tubi bottle vase.

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So, this month was a bit of a landmark for Tubi, we launched the Tubi 60 official website, where you can read about Tubi, the story behind it, what is the best way to enjoy its benefits. and what makes Tubi so special. Also, you can find a Tubi worldwide store locator (finally!!) and online store that sell Tubi in the USA. It has been a long process involving all the Tubi crew and the talented Navot Ram who did the programming.

If you have nice hi-res photos of a perfect Tubi moment that you want to contribute to the Tubi website, feel free to send them over to web@tubi.com. Also, I you have a good Tubi story to tell – we will gladly post it here. Have a nice weekend : )

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Since its arrival in Norway in 2017, a growing number of bars in Oslo have began selling Tubi 60. We are proud to inform that many of the very best bars and clubs are already on board, such as Blå, Gaasa, Postkontoret, Uhørt, Syng Mer, Den Gamle Skobutikken and Oslo Velo. Since the very beginning, the demand has been higher than expected — HOW LOVELY! — so a second batch is already on its way from Haifa, ready to please thirsty Norwegian men and women. Lately, Tubi 60 has made its way to a number of events and festivities in our ice-cold capital in the north, as more and more people are discovering this new drink.
For all our ‘insiders’: Øya Klubbdagen at the amazing Dattera til Hagen will mark our definite entrance to the Oslo-nightlife stage. And more events will certainly come! Taste the colors, and help us help you have the best time: Tubi 60 is PURE HAPPINESS.
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