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Tubi 60 is the swiss army knife of alcohol. It can be taken as a shot, with a simple mixer, or used to make delicious cocktails.

Do you want to truly “feel the Tubi”? Do you want to experience the happiest drunk on earth while leaving you to wake up in one piece the next day?

Are you curious to know why people say Tubi 60 is the best drink ever? Great! Then when drinking Tubi – drink only Tubi, for the cleanest and most euphoric drunk you’ll ever experience.

This pure happiness “feel” is the Tubi trademark, what it is best known for. It is what made people carry word of Tubi all around the world. If this is your first time with Tubi 60, make sure you treat yourself with a Tubi only night. It is an experience only Tubi 60 can deliver.


The initial motivation for Tubi 60 was to develop a spirit that was extremely palatable, easy to drink, and made of the highest quality ingredients. As a shot, Tubi 60 is both extremely smooth and rich in flavor. with less bite than the finest tequila, quadruple distilled vodka, or smoothest whiskey, it truly sets a whole new standard for shots.

A chilled Tubi shot is a good as a shot can get. So, when planning on having Tubi shots, it is recommended you keep the bottle in the freezer and have the shots served ice cold. Make sure to shake the bottle well before you pour Tubi.

Refreshing as a cool breeze on a hot summer’s night, and having almost zero blow-back, an ice cold Tubi 60 shot is the perfect shot.


Shots are a celebration, and while a Tubi shot is indeed the perfect shot but it is only the tip of the iceberg. Drinking Tubi only as a shot is like using a smartphone only to call and text. The full versatility of its nature comes into play when you start mixing it.  From the simplest mixers to fresh juices and soft drinks, Tubi’s versatility is matched only by your creativity.

Refreshing to the core, Tubi 60’ has a perfect balance of bitter, sour, and mild sweetness. It was designed to enable you to craft simple, easy to make cocktails with almost any mixer. Super smooth, it can be tailored to any palate or flavor preference.

For those who prefer bitter or neutral flavors, a Tubi and tonic, Tubi and soda, or even Tubi with still mineral water is as refreshing as it is simple. On the other hand, if you’re into the fresh fruity flavors, Tubi with pineapple, mango or lemon juice will be the perfect mach.

Check out our favorite recipes for Tubi 60 in the cocktails page. Enjoy!