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Drink Tubi 60


Do you want to truly feel the Tubi? Do you want to explode with joy and wake up in one piece the day after?

Do you want to know why they say Tubi 60 is the best drink ever? Great! Then when drinking Tubi, drink only Tubi for the cleanest most euphoric drunk you’ll ever experience.

The pure happiness “feel” is the Tubi trademark – what it is best known for and what made the Tubi hype travel across the world. Make sure you treat yourself with a Tubi-only night. It is an experience only Tubi 60 can deliver.



The initial motivation for Tubi 60 was to develop a spirit that was extremely palatable, easy to drink, and made of the highest quality ingredients. As a shot, Tubi 60 is both extremely smooth and rich in flavors, with less bite than the finest tequila, quadruple distilled vodka, or smoothest whiskey. It truly sets a whole new standard for shots.

When planning on having Tubi shots, it is recommended you keep the bottle in the freezer. Tubi shots are best served ice cold after well shaking the bottle. Having almost zero blow-back an ice cold Tubi 60 shot is the perfect shot.


Shots are a celebration, but you can’t drink them all day or all night. While Tubi 60 is indeed the perfect shot, where it truly shines is as a simple cocktail, mixed with tonic, sparkling water, or a fresh juice.

Refreshing to the core, many say it’s flavors remind them of something you’d drink after the spa, or that it already tastes like a craft cocktail when mixed with just sparkling water. Tubi 60’s perfect balances of bitterness means you won’t be fatigued by added sugars over the course of your night.  Add ice, Tubi 60, and sparkling water and you have a drink that tastes like it took 10 minutes to make, but it took 10 seconds. Check out our favorite recipes for Tubi 60 in the cocktails page. Enjoy!


Tubi 60 is all about the experience. It was made to elicit the most uplifting and positive ‘feel’ a spirit can provide.

To make sure you enjoy the purest Tubi 60 effect, leave other spirits aside and make it a “Tubi 60 only” night.